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Created: Nov 25, 2020 10:50 AM

Our display ads attract local, employment-focused mobile and PC based browser traffic that achieve a high level of visibility within the London-Middlesex-Elgin-Oxford regions. With thousands of monthly users, our site can help you promote training and career related services, events, or even other local web-based services.

The graphic display ads that appear throughout Knighthunter are all displayed in rotation on a percentage basis; our fees are based on the following:

Option 1: Approx 25000 monthly ad impressions (10% rotation) = $160 / month
Option 2: Approx 16000 monthly ad impressions (7.5% rotation) = $110 / month
Option 3: Approx 10000 monthly ad impressions (4% rotation) = $70 / month

There are no additional set-up fees. Reports detailing ad impressions for your campaign and click-throughs are also available.
You can supply your own 300 x 250 pixel image (linked to a URL of your choice) or we can arrange a customized design for you.

For more information please contact:

Mike Sherlock

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