User Support Technician

by CopperTree Solutions

Position Type: Full-time
Location: Waterloo, ON
Date Posted: May 24, 2024
Experience: 5 Years
Education: University Degree

Job Description

EMPLOYER:                 CopperTree Solutions Inc., 610 McMurray Rd #1, Waterloo, ON 

POSITION:                   User Support Technician; Full-time, Permanent

QUALIFICATIONS:       B.Sc in Computer Science or Engineering; 5 years related experience 

  • Act as a solution developer and go-to advisor for managed service clients on all IT matters;
  • Craft customized solutions through comprehensive consultations and support; 
  • Provide training and care to users with any technical difficulties;
  • Responsible for quoting and procuring IT related products and  services for CopperTree’s clients ordering, tracking, receiving, and invoice quoted products to users with any technical difficulties.
  • Order, track, receive, and invoice quoted products;
  • Collaborate closely with the sales and IT design teams to ensure procurement plans are perfectly synced with client projects and demands, confirming that every solution adheres to the clients' specific needs;
  • Act as the go-to advisor for managed service clients on all IT procurement matters, crafting customized solutions through comprehensive consultations;
  • Stay informed on the latest IT market developments to source the most effective and economical procurement options, fine-tuning acquisition tactics for maximum client benefit.

SALARY:                       $36.06/hr

APPLY:                         Email Resume; Covering Letter; Transcripts to: