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Created: Oct 06, 2008 11:04 AM

We’ve invested a lot of time to ensure that posting a job to any of our network of sites is fast and user friendly. If you already have your job description in a word processor document it should take just a few minutes!


First: create a user account. Our account form is just a dozen fields and sticks to essential information needed for billing purposes and to save you time each time a new job is posted.


Second: Click “Post a New Job” and verify your account/ billing information. This is a chance to customize what will appear on your invoice if applicable.


Third: Verify your company name, enter or paste your position title and then paste the description of the job. (tips for formatting your job description for ideal viewing on Knighthunter Network sites is available in another help article.)


Third: Job specifics can be set and additional posting locations can be added using drop-down lists… then click next. If your job description contains detail of education, experience etc the only field you need to set is the category.


Fourth: The Applicant Response settings for your posting default to “none” which means nothing will be added to the bottom of your posting. This is perfect if you have included application instructions within the body of the job description. If you have not you need to check “Contact” or one of the privacy options to give candidates a way to get in touch. Verify the contact information then click “next”.


Fifth: The default duration for new postings is set to 6-weeks. Most companies keep this setting, but if you want control over the duration this is a chance to set it. Once a posting is online you can always edit it and change the duration (even take it offline if the position is filled) so changing the duration when you post a job is entirely optional.


Sixth: If this is your first time posting we won’t have your logo on file, but that is easily fixed. Just skip the “Add your logo” page and click “Create Posting”. If you would like a logo added, just send us an email with your logo attached or direct us to a website with your desired logo and we will add it to your posting. When we activate your posting we will associate your logo with your account so that it is just a “click” to add it from this page in the future.


Once you click on “Create Posting” the information you’ve entered is logged in our database and will be active on our site soon. We activate jobs several times daily so the delay can range from a few minutes to a couple of hours. We will often send confirmation of the posting activation to new users.


** Your Invoice is made available to download from the posting confirmation page. Please click on the download link to receive your invoice in PDF format. If you have any difficulty getting your invoice please let us know!


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